Saturday, August 23, 2014

NAIL ART | Tokyo + tutorial

Tokyo was this week's theme in the nail art challenge I'm doing. For a minute, I was thinking about to make cherry blossoms and all that romantic japanese thing, but I think Tokyo is faaaar from that. It's a metropolis, with bright neon lights and high-tech, so I went for this idea.

I've found a satellite image that NASA took abou Tokyo, and I tried to recreate it.
Well, it's not an easily wearable manicure, but who needs that anyways :D I like nail art challenges because they make me think out of the box, and I really like that. In the end of this post you can find a tutorial. It's not that hard at all! :) 

Start off with a black base (1), than sponge some white(2) and green (3) nail polish (I added some dirty mint to it too.). I used a really thin nail art brush (4) which I cutted down, it was a lot more thicker. Outline the city, and paint on the rivers(? I'm not shore they are actually rivers) (5). Add some extra black smudge (I used acrylic paint with a lot of water) (6). Paint on the white veins (7) and add some white dots too! Clean up your cuticles and add topcoat.

Nail polishes I used:

China Glaze - Electric Pineapple
NYC - Cupcakes and Latte
Cutex - Night Run

How do you like it?


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