Thursday, August 14, 2014

SWATCH | Barry M - Arabian

Arabian was my fave from Barry M's Aquarium collection. I like the blue one (Pacific) and the deeper pink (Mediterranean) too, I might will buy them too.

This is 2 thicker coats, by itself, no black base! I simply love it! The color changing is amazing, it’s between olive green/gold and blue. I recommend a clear base coat or a ridge filler, because otherwise it will bring out the unevenness of your nails. You can notice a small amount of streakiness, but it's almost nothing. This nail polish is definitely one of my favorites at the time, I think it really suits me.
I also belive that this color is wearable all year long (well, maybe not at spring), so it's not a color I could only wear at summer.

Now, let's just be amazed by it's amazing color shift:

In shadow

In direct sunlight
What do you think?


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