Thursday, August 14, 2014

NAIL ART | Viva Vegas!

Next stop is Las Vegas. Maybe it's stereotypic, but I went with the whole gambling theme. Bright neon signs, roulette and poker. Viva Vegas!

I've never been in the USA, but if I will ever go, Las Vegas will be definitely on my list of citys to see. It's not because I'm like a big gambler or something :D I'm really not that fortunate, but I'm amazed by the lights and the crowd. I think it's an interesting world which I want to see someday :)

This manicure is far from perfect, but I'm ok with my pinky and my index finger. Those are my faves.
I used nail polishes and acrylic paints, everything was haindpainted.

Do you consider yourself a fortunate person?

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