Monday, August 11, 2014

TUTORIAL | Burned Paper

This one is really precious to me because I belive that I made something individuall, something that probably no one made before. Because of this nail art hundreds of you to followed my Tumblr page. It also appeared at 9gag and similar pages (watermark was removed of course...:/ ).
This single nail art got over 216.000 notes at Tumblr, I won't lie, I'm really proud of that :)

So, here's how you do:

1. Paint your nails with a light nude polish, wait until it’s completely dries.
2. Put a piece of newspaper in alcohol, and wait 15-20 sec.
3.Place the wet paper onto your nails, push it down with your fingers and wait until the alcohol evaporates (7-10 sec), and remove the paper.
4. Topcoat it with clear polish.
5. Draw some lines with black polish, where you want your burned papers edges.
6., 7. Put some black and brown polish with a piece of makeup sponge around the black lines.
8. Clean up the edges with acetone.
9. Use a matte topcoat.


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