Monday, August 11, 2014

SWATCH | Favorite Rimmel nail polishes: Misty Jade, Sea Green, Peppermint

I like Rimmel because of the color variety and you get good quality for your money. This 3 shades are my favorites at the moment.

Jade is a gorgeous jade color, I love this color in general, so it's really good that I can have it on my nails.
I applied 2 coats at most of my nails, but I needed 3 coat at my thumb.

Sea Green is a beautiful teal(ish) color. It's more green rather than teal, but I think it's in between the two color. Anyways, amazing color that's for sure.
I needed 2 coats. Sadly it colored my nails and my cuticules a bit :(

Peppermint is a bright light blue, I really love this turquoise color in the summer, it looks great with a nice tan. I like to use it on my toes too :)
This is 2 coats.

What is your favorite Rimmel shade?


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