Thursday, August 14, 2014

SWATCH | A-England - Dancing with Nureyev

This may soulds weard or unbelievable but I'm not so crazy about A-England nail polishes. I mean they look great, but I would rather spend my money something more spacial. BUT I'm in LOVE with 3 shades which are: Dancing with Nureyev, Sleeping Palace and Saint George and sometimes Rose Bower is on that list too. Dancing with Nureyev is my first A-England nail polish and someday I'm gonna buy the other ones I like too, that's for sure!

The formula is amazing. This is 2 coats, without topcoat. The color is steelblue, but it have a beautiful rainbow color holographic shine and it also can be silvery-purple depending on the lighting. I could wear it all year long, but especially at fall and winter. Maybe because it have a some sort of coldness in it when I look at it. Needless to say that this is a gorgeous color, I absolutely love it!

What do you think abou this color?


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