Sunday, August 17, 2014

SWATCH | KBShimmer - Belle Of The Mall

This is one of my first KBShimmer nail polishes. I ordered 3 of them (this one, Daisy About You, She Twerks Out) from Harlow & Co. I think KBShimmer's nail polishes are one of the most interesting and beautiful indie polishes out there, they definitely worth a look.

Belle of the Mall is a pink jelly nail polish with a tons of small and large holographic hexagon (and square) glitters. I think the color is more than a simple pink, it reminds me unripe raspberries, you know, when they are more pink than raspberry-red. I'm not a fan of pink, but I definitely love this color!

I used 2 thicker coats. It dries half-matte, so you're gonna need a topcoat to make is shiny.
The only thing I'm disappointed about are the glitters. Some of them are scratched (you can see it in the macros). First, I thought that maybe the topcoat somehow dragged off the holographic layer but it was scratched in the bottle too. I searched for other swatches and I noticed the scratched glitters there too. Well, this is something that you can only see closely, but it still bugs me...
Beside that, I'm really happy that I bought this nail polish, it's really cute.
I'm excited about the other colors too, I'm gonna make the swatches soon!

Do you like this color?


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