Monday, August 11, 2014

SWATCH | OPI - Push And Shove

When I saw that there will be a chrome nail polish in the Gwen Stefani collection I knew, I had to have it. I really like metallic nail polishes and a real silver chrome was always my dream.
The nail polish comes with a mini nail base wich fill out the ridges.
It says on the packaging that this nail polish is a "One night only" wear and we shouldn't use topcoat.

I had a thin gel base on my real nails at the time of the swatch, so the chrome finish was flawless. I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't even used the base coat. This is one thicker coat. Although the packaging says that you should use 2 thin coats, but this advice doesn't really worked for me.

When you first apply it it will be a simple metallic finish, but when it's starting to dry it will be more and more chrome.
About the topcoat. Without it it the nail polish will last only 12-15 hours, after that it will start to wear off. It's not chipping though, it "only" wears off on the edges.
You can experiment with topcoats, some of them will fade more the chrome than others. One thing is sure, the chrome effect will not be the same after using it's kind of a bummer, but I still love the nail polish anyways :D It's also great for stamping or painting detailes with nail art brush.

What do you think? Did you tried Push and Shove yet?


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