Thursday, August 14, 2014

NAIL ART | Pineapple Express

Pineapple pattern is a real hit in this summer, I love it too. I started to looking after inspiration pictures and I found a couple of good ones. I ended up with the following 4, and I couldn't decide wich one to use, so I painted all on :D

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Perhaps it's a bit too much, but who cares? :D It's summer and I think summer is all about wild patterns and colors. I really loved this nail art, especially the glitter one :D A bit chunky, but it have it's charme :D
Everything was handpainted with nail polishes and acrylic paints.

Do you like pineapples?

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  1. Hope you are Having a Nice Day Today? I Love this Pineapple Nail Art; It Really is a Work of Art! I Absolutely Love Gorgeous & Intricate Nail Designs Like This but I Couldn't Personally Do My Nails Like This! I Can Paint My Nails but that is about as Far as My Talent Goes, if I Were to Attempt this I Would be Shaking Like a Leaf! I Love this One b/c of the Colors; I Love me Some Color! I Do Not do Beige & Neutrals a lot; Color Just Makes Me Happy! I Also Love Shimmer or Glitter so this One Really Stood Out to Me! I Followed a lot of Your Nail Art on Bloglovin & there are So Many Cool Nail Designs & Cool Polishes! Thanks & Have a Blessed Day! Jana