Monday, August 11, 2014

SWATCH | China Glaze - Iron Out The Details

I think the Crinckled Chromes collection is something that you either love or hate.
I have to say, that I'm in the love team :)
Of course it was weird at the first look, but since I love chrome finish and glitters I must love their child too, right? :D I bought the blue one, but I really liked the green and the purple one too.

I used only 1 coat. I tried it with 2 coats too, but it turned out too chunky for my taste.
It dried quickly and as the OPI Push and Shove this one also dries from metallic to chrome.
I like how blue this is. I mean it's not a barely blue, you can tell taht this is a real blue nail polish. Light of course, but blue, not like a blueish silver or something like that. 

Are you in team love or hate?


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