Monday, August 11, 2014

TUTORIAL | End of the summer

I loved this manicure! On of my followers at Tumblr asked me to make a tutorial, so here it is. The first picture is from teh original post, the picture below is the remake. Please, PLEASE! make the flamingo's neck longer than I did :D

Pinky: Paint 2 palm trees with a small nail art brush, then paint over one of the trees with green.

Middle: Paint the body of the flamingo, please make the neck longer than I did :D Mine looks like a pink pigeon :D :D Paint the beak with white nail polish, and do some shadow around it’s wing. Use black nail polish to create the flamingo’s eye and frame the beak too.

Index: Paint a couple of geometric, greek-looking patterns around the cuticle.

Thumb: Paint some vertical lines with different colors of nail polish.

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