Monday, August 11, 2014

SWATCH | Born Pretty Store Sweet Color #4

I'm in love with flakie polishes every since the first one came out. When I saw that there are a new flakie collection at Born Pretty Store I striked like a hawk :D I picked this slightly grey undertoned one with multicolored flakies. I bought number 1 too, and I'm going to test that one out too, really soon.

Because of the grey jelly base you can wear it on it's own, this is 2 coats.
Sadly it's not a quick drying nail polish, so you're gonna need some Seche Vite (or time :D).
I really love the flakes, they are just the perfect amount and size.

I tried it out as a topcoat too, I applied it over a dark grey base. This is only 1 coat. As you can see there is a lot of flakes even with only 1 coat.

I like to wear flakes with a matte topcoat over, so I mattified this manicure and the result is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Lastly, I made other swatches with different nail polishes. I like the darkblue and the grey best.

Do you like flakie polishes?


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