Tuesday, September 30, 2014

31 DC 2014 | Day30: Inspired by a TUTORIAL

Today we had to pick a tutorial and recreate the design. It was a bit hard for me, because I don't really use tutorials, so I had to make a massive search :D But, I've found a really cute design at Very Emily, it's called Asa no Ha and the tutorial is HERE. Actually I used a bit different method to create the triangles, I painted 3 (or more) horizontal lines and then I created the triangles. I think it's a lot more easier this way than painting on the triangles one by one. I also made the pattern a little bit more interesting, I mean I used it in different ways.

I really love how it looks like, althoug it's a bit Christmasy :D But I think it's never too soon for the Christmas feeling :D


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