Friday, September 05, 2014

SWATCH | Mod Lacquer Paranormal Paradise & Satire

Today I will show you two amazing glittery nail polish, which was sent to me for a review from Mod Lacquer. I'm a big fan of glitter nail polishes, so I was really excited when I saw them in the package. I also got 3 holographic nail polishes and I'm going to show them in a separate post soon. Now let's see how these beauties looks like on my nails!

First, I have Paranormal Paradise which is a glitter topcoat. The clear base is filled with holographic round and hexagon glitters in different sizes. It's a colorful craziness, but in a good way!
I love the brush, it's really easy to work with. You can get a lot of glitter with one coat, although for the bigger round glitters you have to do some fishing, but it's manageable and it's really worth it, because the result is spectacular!

I couldn't decide what base color should I use: black or white? So, I swatched it with both, and I must say, I absolutely love it with both bases! I would recommend white base for summer, and black for winter or fall. The black brings out the color of the small glitters better though.
I used 1 coat, and I added a partially second coat where I needed some extra glitter.
I really like this nail polish, this is my favorite of the five.

Now, let's see some pictures (actually a lot of pictures :D). It's totally gorgeous!

Satire is an orange-coral jelly based nail polish with tiny yellow hexagon glitters. I don't like orange, but this have a lot of coral in it, so I really like it, and it goes well with my skintone! It's a perfect choice for summer, but it can be a great Halloween nail polish too, because it reminds me of a pumpkin :)
The formula is great, although the first coat seemed sheer, but it builds up with a second coat. So, I used 2 coats, the first one was thinner, the second was thicker. This way you can achieve a great opacity.
What I really like about this nail polish, that it dries shiny. A lot of nail polishes with a jelly base dries matte or half matte (which I hate), but not this one!
I'm really impressed with this nail polish too, so enough of the chit-chat, let's see the swatches! :)

You can find Mod Lacquer in the following links:

or you can send an email to the owner, Jennifer:

Be sure to check back next week, because I will have a swatch of 3 holographic Mod Lacquer nail polish to show you!


  1. These look gorgeous! I especially love the first one, it has such crazy colours and glitters!

    1. Yeah, they are amazing! The first one is my fave too! :)