Sunday, September 14, 2014

31 DC 2014 | Day14: Flower

I love floral patterns on my nails, so I was really excited about today. I actually tried a new (well, new for me) technique: saran wrap. I always liked how the manicures looked like with this technique, but I never tried it myself. My base is a deep plum color, and for the saran wrap technique I used highly pigmented grey and gold. I think it's really pretty, and it reminds me of an old wallpaper.

I painted on the flowers with white acrylic paint, and I used a matte topcoat. With the flowers it's even more wallpapery :) I really like it, I think I'm gonna use the saran wrap technique more often, it creates a really interesting base for nail art.


  1. Great nails - hope they are acrylic - look at some lovely gemstone jewellery to compliment those designs at