Wednesday, October 01, 2014

31 DC 2014 | Honor nails you love

This is the last day of the challenge, and I have to say I'm glad that it's over :D It was really challenging, but not the nail painting part, because I really enjoyed painting my nails and brainstorming, but the afterwork like editing and and writing the post (in two languages) was hard.
But, thanks for this challenge I made some pretty awesome nail arts that I'm really proud of. This is my top 6 favorit nail art:

So, today we had to choose a nail art or a nail artist that really inspire us. I have a lot of favorit nail artist, but I choosed Lindsey Williamson, the nail artist behind Wondrously Polished. I think she is amazing, and I can't name a single nail art of her that I didn't like. My personal favorite is THIS gorgeous nail art which was made for the first day of last year's 31 day challenge, so it's kind of ironic too :D I used different colors and the design is a tiny bit different. Anyways, it's not comparable with the original nail art :D I have a lot to learn until I can make something so beautiful like Lindsey's nail arts :)


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