Thursday, September 25, 2014

FASHION on my NAILS | Karen Walker + tutorial

I was thinking about to start a new serie related to fashion inspirations on my nails for a long time, but I never started it. Today, in the 31 day challenge the theme was: inspired by fashion, so I kind of had to start the serie :D I will call it FASHION on my NAILS and it will be random, so sometimes I will do it every week, sometimes every two weeks or so. I have a lot of pictures saved right now, so I'm very excited about it!
Today I choosed Karen Walker for inspiration, her 2015 resort collection to be exact. I really like her patterns, and the cute cats behind the plants idea is so awesome, I just had to make it! You can check it out the whole collection HERE!
At the end of the post you will find a picture tutorial, so you can make this nail art for yourself. I didn't used anything but a detailing brush, but for the chunky lines you can use nail vinyls.


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