Thursday, September 18, 2014

31 DC 2014 | Day18: Half Moon

I think half moon is perfect for a sophicticated manicure, but you also can go pretty wild with it. I stayed on the wild road again, and I accidently created something really awesome. I never used flakie topcoats anything but cream finish nail polishes, but when I was looking for a burgundy polish I found my Essie Toggle To The Top wich is a wine red jelly with red glitters.

The half moon and the outline turned out pretty bad though, I blame the base, because the glitters and the flakes made a pretty uneven surface, but in the same time I really happy that I found out this combo, because the're AMAZING! Believe me when I say that the glossy version is even more gorgeous that the matte version, but in the photos the glossy version shows nothing about the pretty depth and colors. So I had to mattify it, but I saved 1 glossy picture too!
So, forgive the lines, and enjoy the amazing base color :)

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