Thursday, September 11, 2014

SWATCH | Mod Lacquer: Majic Eyes Only, Zero Point & Interstellar Artifact

As I promised in my previous Mod Lacquer swatch post, this time I will show you the holographic nail polishes. I got Majic Eyes Only, Zero Point and Interstellar Artifact. I don't own a lot of holographic nail polishes, so I'm not an expert, but I will try my best to describe them. All of them are linear holos btw.

The first one, and my personal favorite is Majic Eyes Only, wich is a gorgeous dark purple, but it have some blue in it too, so it' maybe a blurple. I think this is the most holographic from the 3, it's really amazing. Really pigmented, almost covers in one coat, but I recommend 2 coats. Dries quickly and leaves a shiny finish. For the pictures I used only a regular basecoat, so if you have Nfu Oh Aquabase you can achieve even more holo effect.
I think it's a pretty good holographic nail polish.
I took the photos in sunlight and under a lamp. Without any light, it's just a simple purple nail polish like any other holographic polish would be. 

My second favorite is Zero Point, which is a silver one. I recommend 2 thicker or 3 thinner coats for the perfect coverage. I think it's really pretty and the holographic effect is great too!

 Interstellar Artifact is a bronzy, coppery gold, so it's more of the orange side than the yellow. The color is pretty unique I think, but it doesn't really work out with my skintone, I don't really like orange/warm yellow on me, but it's totally a personal preference, the nail polsih itself is really awesome. Applies in 2 coats, dries quickly and have a really nice holo effect. 

If you're a fan of holographic nail polishes, then you really should check these out, they are really pretty. And thanks again Jennifer, that I could try these awesome nail polishes! :)

You can find Mod Lacquer in the following links:

or you can send an email to the owner, Jennifer:

And if you've missed out Paranormal Paradise and Satire, you can have a look HERE!


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