Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Cirque Colors | Metropolis collection selection

Annie from Cirque Colors was kind enough to send me 6 creme shades along with the Holiday collection, and since I never tried any Cirque cremes I was pretty excited what this brand can offer in terms of creme fomula.
All of these 6 shades are part of the Metropolis collection, which was inspired by New York and it grows monthly with 1-2 shades since 2014 September. The Metropolis collection consists of only creme shades, you can check out the colors HERE.
I will say about the formula first. All 6 shades has amazing quality, I used 2 coats of each. They dry quick, and they spread nicely, and they leave a heavenly levander-lemon scent behind. This is one of the best creme formulas I ever tried!

Rouge Rockefeller | 2015 December
This deep red, burgundy shade is the newest addition to the collection. The first cote was slightly pink undertoned, but with the second it turned out to be more of a neutral red. This shade is the true bloodred to me.

Topless in Times Square | 2015 November
It's a nice medium beige, nude colour, but sadly it's so close to my natural skintone that it's doesn't really a great match for me. Also, on me it has more like a warm undertone than a mauve one. But, I used it as a base for nail art (coming soon) and that way it looks totally OK on me. But that name though :D

Glitterati | 2015 November
I really like this shade, even thoug I'm not the biggest brown fan. It has a slight taupe undertone, so I think this makes it more wearable.

Midnight Cowboy | 2015 January
I loooove navy blues (and blues in general :D), so this one really suits me. It's dark enough, but without being too dark...if you know what I mean :D

Tavern on the Teal | 2014 December
On me this shade is much more of a green than a teal. It has cold undertone though, and in this winter, cold lighting it has even more blue in it, but it's still green to me :) A really pretty one! This is my absolute favorit from this 6 shades.

Concrete Jungle | 2014 October
Aww, a nice, slightly cool toned medium grey! I was really happy about this shade, because I have so many light greys, but none of this medium greys, so now I have a really pretty one :) You've probably already seen a nail art with it on my Instagram (HERE).

I'm really impressed how great these creme polishes are! They are available at cirquecolors.com (they ship worldwide), or if you are an international customer, you can check out the stockist list HERE to see which webshops carry the brand.

What do you think about these shades?

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  1. I'm no so keen on browns or nudes, but I really like the others. Especially the red :-)