Monday, December 28, 2015

My Christmas Eve nail art

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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! In today's post I'm going to show you what nail art I wore for Christmas. I did this manicure on 24th afternoon, and I left it on my nails for 4 days (which is kind of a record for me :D), I only removed it yesterday evening.
It's so hard for me to make manicures for a specific occasion, because I have so much ideas, and only two hands :D Finally, I decided on this simple(ish) silver themed nail art.

On two nails I made a red/green/silver/black plaid pattern, using all Cirque Colors colors: Rouge Rockefeller (red), Tavern on the Teal (green) and Reflektor (silver), I also used some black acrylic paint. For the red double bows I used only acrylic paint. Everything is freehand, as usual.
Btw. I'm right-handed, and for my right hand I made the bow as a sticker, so I painted on a plastic bag first, used a clear topcoat over it, waited until it dried, then peeled it off from the plastic and sticked onto my nail. This way the pattern looked nice on both of my hands.

I really enjoyed wearing this manicure, and it also didn't took too much time.

What were you wearing on Christmas Eve?

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