Saturday, December 05, 2015

ILNP | Paper Route, Poetry, Glory, First Class

Before I would show you my picks of the ILNP Winter collection, I will show you 4 nail polishes that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. They were on my wishlist for a while, and now I finally could buy them.
I absolutely adore all four <3
The bottle/brush macros were taken in natural daylight, and some of the swatches were taken also in natural daylight (I'm gonna write under the pics if they are daylight swatches). 

Let's start with the lightes one, Paper Route. This polish is totally a winter polish, despite it was in the 2015 Summer collection. I was getting doubts whether I should buy this or not. I was affraid that (like most jelly/crelly whites) it's going to be too sheer or too grey. Thankfully 3 normal coats are enough, and it has a really nice dusty white/ light grey colour. It has a crelly base, and it contains scatter holo, but it also has something else in it, which makes a light gold shimmery effect in certain light.

Black Orchid was on my wishlist for a really long time, then in 2015 Poetry came (with the Spring collection) and I wasn't able to make a decision which one should I get. Finally I made up my mind, and bought Poetry, and I LOVE it! I like purples in general, but lately I don't really crave for them, but I wore Poetry 2 times already, and that's really something for me!
I would call the base a deep burnt plummy color with a soft holo, but it also has pink microflakies in it which shifts from a bright pink/magenta to a reddish shade (you can see that in the bottle/brush photo the best, and in general my swatches are a little bit too purple, the bottle/brush pics are the most colour accurate).
I used 2 easy coats, it has a really nice formula.

Taken in natural daylight.

Now Glory is the ultimate fall polish, it's technically a bottle of fallen leaves. When I was looking for swatches I couldn't really decide, because most of the swatches were taken in artificial light, and that's the worst enemy of any multichrome polishes. The colours just didn't show up right. I already have a copper/gold/green UCC flakie polish, so I don't really wanted a dupe. I could only wish that this will be looking like the heavenly orange/red flakie polish that I imagined in my mind. And it's totally is!

All of my photos of this polish were taken in natural daylight, so you can see all the pretty colours. It shifts from yellow through all-shades-of-orange to red, but you can also see some magenta and purple sometimes. But the main colours are orange-red.
I tried it as a topcoat (1 coat) over Paper Route, than I sponged it on for full coverage, and I also layered (1 coat) over Poetry, and it looked wonderful all the time!  

I write this for the fourth time today, but First Class was also something that I couldn't really decide whether I wan't it or not. I'm in love with it's finish, ILNP calls it Ultra Metallics lately (I liked the old name Precious Metals better thouh). From this finish I have Fame, Happily Ever After, Clockwork and Shoreline, and I also bought 2 from the Winter collection. Shoreline is quite silvery on me so I wasn't sure that I need another silver. But of course my polishaholic self bought it :D

It's a dark silver, it's like antique silver jewellery. It has a strong holo effect on the sun/under lamp, and it has a nice metallic finish in shade because of the silver flakies. Perfect! I used 2 coats, it doesn't dries bumpy at all, one coat of topcoat will be enough, also it's easy to remove.

Taken in natural daylight.

So I'm quite happy about my purchase, I love all four nail polsihes, I'm happy that I could cross out a couple of names from my ever growing wishlist. I bought them all from Nailland.

Next week I'm going to show you my 4 picks from the ILNP Winter collection, so stay tuned. They look also fabolous :)))

What do you think about the nail polishes that I showed you today?


  1. They're truly amazing! ILNP always makes products that attract attention thanks to incredible colors and finishes combinations.
    In addition your photos show them perfectly and make me adore them even more than before! :)

  2. Really nice collection :-D I do love that purple :-D

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