Thursday, December 03, 2015

FUN Lacquer | Coral Reef

I'm so happy that I finally could get Coral Reef from FUN Lacquer's 2nd Anniversary collection. I fell in love the minute I saw this beauty, and mostly because it's unique finish (holo glitters + shifting flakies) and awesome colour-combo.
Nail polishes like this can be used as a topcoat (over a black or really dark base) or we can layer (or sponge it) on for full coverage. In this blogpost I will show you both look, let's start with the full coverage vesion.

Well, first, I will describe the colors. The holo glitters are teal/aqua and the flakies shift from green throug gold to oange/red. They are in a transparent base, but sadly the glitters started to loose their colour a little bit, so mine is a slightly green tinted base. This doesn't really bother me, because I would never use this over a light colour.

So, in the first couple of pictures you can see Coral Reef on it's own, applied with a sponge. You will need 2 coats of topcoat to smooth out the glittery surface. The glitters provide dark enough base for the flakies to shift, so it looks really awesome. It looks totally like it's name, a coral reef under the ocean <3 

And this is how it looks as a topcoat, applied over a black base. This is only 1 coat of Coral Reef, and for my taste this is plenty enough, the brush grabs a good amount of glitters and flakies. If you apply Coral Reef as a topper, you will only need 1 coat of clear topcoat to smooth the surface out.
Although I really like it sponged on, I must admit, that I like it even more as a topcoat, because the flakies show up more.
Btw. I couldn't imagine a pattern or nail art over this, it's just perfect the way it is.

I kind of really like an other polish from the collection too, it's called Exquisite, but I'm still thinking about it whether I should buy it or not. Well, I shouldn't think too much though, because these are limited edition.

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  1. Wow stunning. Love it over the black - so many colours in those flakies :-D Hmmm flakies <3