Wednesday, December 09, 2015

ILNP | Ski Lodge, Time in a Bottle, Ferris Wheel, Lucky One

HUNGARIAN version                                                                                          Nothing to disclose

I hope you don't mind another ILNP post, I just did one last week with some randome picks. I just couldn't wait to show you my Winter/Holiday collection pre-orders. Sadly, I only could pick up 4 shades this time, but I really like Limelight, Cozy Mittens, XO and Empire, and I'm also thinking about Juliette, because I really need that along with Cirque Halcyon :D 
ILNP is one of my favorite brands, I think Barbra makes some really revolutionary finishes, but keeps everything brilliantly sophisticated.
I pre-ordered them from Nailland, but currently only Ferris Wheel and Lucky One are available there.
My brush macros were taken in natural daylight, also some of the swatches.

Ski Lodge is really dark, darker than I was expected, but I don't mind it, because I love deep shades. It has a mossy green jelly base, with scatter holo and gold micoflakies. Somehow I didn't realised that this shade contains gold flakies when I ordered it, I don't know, probably I didn't read the reviews thoroughly, but the fact that it does contains flakies makes just even more special, and I adore it even more, because I'm a flakie junkie :)

The jelly base is quite sheer, so I needed 3 coats, but this gives the whole finish a really deep dimension. It has a strong holo effect, look at that!

In this pic you can see the gold flakies shining in the bottle *-*

This photo was taken in natural daylight.

I'm a big fan of ILNP's Ultra Metallics line, so I knew I had to pick up Time in a Bottle, because it's blue!!! It has a blue jelly base with silver flakies and holo shimmer. I noticed that in these new, colourful versions has less holo than the old (Fame, Happily Ever After, Clockwork, ...)ones, which I didn't mind, because I like the flakies more :)
I used 2 coats. It didn't dries gritty, one coat of topcoat is enough to smooth everything out. It's surprisingly easy to remove too!

I love UCC flakies, and I wanted a multicolour one too. Originally I was going to buy Kaleidoscope, but then I saw that the new collection will contain an other multicolor type of flakie topper, so I bought Ferris Wheel instead.
All swatches were taken in natural daylight, so you can see the actual colors of the flakies!

I used Ferris Wheel over a nude base, Avon - Tender. I noticed that Ferris Wheel contains a little less flakies than my other flakie toppers from te brand (Open Fileds, Neon Rosebud, Glory, ...), which I'm not that happy about, because the other ones was really easy to use, one coat and done. For Ferris Wheen I had to use one thick coat, plus go back where I needed.
I really like the overall finish though, and I think this topper would suit almost any base colors.

I tried to sponge it on too, but I didn't liked it that much, so I created a gradient instead (a'la Sveta) so you can have an idea how it looks fully opaque. I like it much better as a topcoat though!

I had my own battle between Limelight and Lucky One, I couldn't really decide, but then I figured that I will buy the darker green Lucky One now, and it will be a great Winter polish, and later in Spring I will grab Limelight as a spring/summer colour.
It's a nice medium green btw., but I couldn't tell for sure that it's warm or cold toned, because I see it differently in certain lights.
2 coats + topcoat

What do you think about ILNP's Winter collections?
How do you like these 4 colors?