Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cupcake Polish | Holiday Magic collection

Today I have the pleasure to show you the Holiday Magic collection from Cupcake Polish. The collection will be available at on December 1st 8PM CST.
The collection consists of 6 shades, all of them are strong linear holographic, but all of them contains silver holo microglitters too. They are not that typical Holiday colors, they actually look kind of spring-ish to me, but the blingy holo effect and the slightly icy tones makes them more wintery.
They all have wonderful formulas, I used 2 coats of both + one coat of topcoat. 

Jingle is a warm toned lime green. This one is one of my favorites from the collection, I love greens! In natural light it's not too bright, but if the sun (or a lamp) hits it it starts to bling like nothing else. Btw. this applies to every shade in this collection, without the holo effect they all look a little bit icy and less saturated, but they all have a really strong linear holo effect.

Noel is another fave of mine. On me, it's a blue toned emerald green. Really pretty in my opinion, and this one is a true Holiday/winter shade.

Joy is an amazing blue with a slight purple undertone, so it's more like a periwinkle blue, really icy, really wintery though. I love this one too!

Peace is a blue toned purple, this one is slightly dusty.

Cheer is in between pink and purple, or we can say that it's a pink based purple. In natural light I can even see some mauve tones in it too. 

Merry is a pretty, blue toned pink, but it has a warm holo effect. I don't really like pinks, but this one really got me, probably because it's cold and warm at the same time. 

I made a comparison between Joy, Peace, Cheer and Merry, you can see how different they are in the picture below.

I like how different this collection is, compared to other Holiday collections. They are really unique colors for the season. They all have nice formulas, so I can only recommend them!

As I said, they will be available on December 1st on (8PM CST). They will be available as a set too, and if you buy the set within the first 24 hours, you will get $6 off from the orirginal ($78) price, otherwise the polishes are $13 each.
Cupcake Polish ships worldwide, but you can also check out the international stockists HERE.

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