Monday, November 02, 2015

piCture pOlish Nail Art Quarterly 2/2015

It's PP NAQ time again! I'm so happy that I can be a participant in the second round too, the first one 
was real fun (you can see my nail art for the PP NAQ 1/2015 HERE), so I was really excited about it.
The rules were basically the same, we had to create a nail art using only PP polishes (3 up to 5 shades) and also no stamping plate or anything like that. We could use only straight nail vinyls, dotting tool and black/white acrylic paint. The theme was geometric, which made me really happy, since it's one of my fave patterns of all time!

I knew that I had to think outside of the box, as I always do, but sadly that 5 shade max rule limited my ideas. In the end I decided to do a geometric crystal manicure, and it's 100% freehand.
I really like crystals, and I also enjoy painting them in my nails, and this dark, "fall" version looks pretty awesome in my opinion.
I started off with PP Desire as my base, then I painted a random geometric grid with black acrylic paint. After that I painted on the crystals with white acrylic paint first, with black I made the shard effects, coloured them in with Forget Me Not, Pandora, Eyre and Calm, then - where it needed - I outlined again with black.

I love how it turned out :)
If you are wondering what the other participants did, check out the #ppnailartquarterly2 hashtag on Instagram, there are some pretty great manicures, I think this round turned out to be really strong.

How do you like my dark crystals? :)