Friday, November 20, 2015

A-England | Spirit of the Moors, Whispering Waves

Today I have 2 new A-England nail polishes to show you, both of them was kindly sent to me by for review (Thank you Nailland ^^). Spirit of the Moors is from the To Emily Bronte collection, and Whispering Waves is one of the newest addition to the Heavenly Quotes collection.
Let's start with Spirit of the Moors, since this one was came out sooner.

It's a bright cobalt blue, but not as bright as I thought seeing the swatches about it, so keep that in mind. It has scatter holo in it, but it's very subtle and elegant. I really like how this looks on my nails.
When I first saw it, there was 2 nail polish that popped into my mind, piCture pOlish Forget Me Not and Colors by Llarowe Rain, but as you can see in the comparison pic below (last pic of this polish, took in natural daylight btw.) they are pretty different. Forget Me Not is a lot lighter (and has holo "shards" in it of course) and Rain looks greenish!!!!(How??) next to them.

Ah, Whispering Waves! If you belive in mermaids (like I do ^^) or just simply love mermaid-y stuff, then you're going to like this polish! The base colour is turquoise with that soft, signiture A-England holo, but it also contains shimmer, which shifts from green to levander. This colour shift is very vivid in the bottle (as you can see in the bottle picture above), but not as much in the nails. However, you still can see a pretty decent amount of shift! The green shift is the most visible, but sometimes you can catch the levander too. The polish has almost a metallic vibe too, I really love how it looks like, awesome job Adina!

The application was easy, I used 2 coats and a topcoat. It might can be a little streaky (because of the heavy shimmer) if you apply it with too much brush strokes, but as you can see in the pictures, it can be done without absolutely no brush strokes, I just wanted to warn you.
The last picture was taken in natural daylight!

I'm really pleased with both of these nail polishes, as always we got two amazing shades with amazing formula!


  1. These are both gorgeous. I will need to wear mine :-D

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