Monday, November 23, 2015

20K ♥

Yesterday I noticed, that now we are 20.000 on my Instagram! When I started nail blogging 3 years ago I never thought I will have this many followers, supporters, it's a dream come true! This nail art is just as kitsch as much I'm happy right now :D
Thank you sooo much for your support <3

I wanted to do a "thank you 20K" kind of manicure, to celebrate this great number, but my original idea wasn't near as baroque and gold as it turned out to be. However, I simply love how it looks like, and what's most important to me: I LOVED painting it!
It's mostly done with acrylic paint, but the gold is the Mundo de Unas Gold stamping polish, which is perfect for freehand, because it doesn't dries quick! On my ring finger I sponged on some FUN Lacquer Queen, and somehow it's silverness doesn't really interfere with the whole gold theme (at least I don't really have a problem with it :D). Everything is freehand of course, and was made with much love :)

Thank you again for all of your support, likes and comments, even though I'm not the best at replying (I will have to work on that!).