Monday, November 09, 2015

Born Pretty Store brush review

In my last Born Pretty Store review package there was a nail art brush that I choosed, because I wanted to try out a more professional, a little bit pricier brush. I always use cheap ebay ones, you know that 3 for $1 brushes like THIS os THIS (I usually trim them with a nail scissors), and I was doing fine with them, but I wanted to see how these fancy nail art brushes work, and are they better than the cheap ones.
You can find a couple of types of detailing brushes at BPS, I tried to find the thinest. THIS is the brush, it's #1. As you can see it's made of metal and plastic, but it looks really nice and professional, it dosn't look cheap at all. It has little cristals in the end as a decoration, but they are packed tightly, so they don't move araund, they don't make any sound. The brush comes with a cup which is really practical.

The bristles are nice and they bend nicely, I think they are synthetic though. It's quite thin, but I was used to 3 times thinner brushes, so in the beginning I couldn't make really thin lines with it. It took me a little bit of time to get used to it, but now I can paint as thin lines as with my older brushes.
I really like that it has a nice weight, my ebay wooden brushes are light as a feather :D
I use this brush over 4 weeks now, I used it along with my ebay brushes, but now that I know how to paint really thin lines, now I only use this.
The bristles didn't shed, they didn't lost the shape, although I used it almost exclusively with acrylic paint (nai polish and acetone destroy the bristles a lot easier!).

However! It is a really great brush, but I must be honest with you, it dosn't know more than my cheap ebay ones. If it starts to wear out, I'm not going to repurchase it.
A couple of you aked me on Instagram that what kind of brushes I use, and's not the brush you should invest in, it's the practice what counts! I'm doing nail art for over 3 years now, I didn't started as good as I am now, and I still learning every day (I mean I'm not even near to THIS).
The only advice I can give you about nail art is practice more, and do what suits you the best, don't necessary do things how others tell you to do.

If you want to buy this nail art brush (which I totally recommend if you have the budget for it), you can find it HERE, it's the #1.

I guess this post is my longes one I ever did here :D I hope you don't mind :)
Now after I showed you the brush itself, let's see a nail art with it. This nail art was made entirely and only with this brush! I wanted to do a fall nail art, also I wanted to try out something that's in my bucket list for so long: wooden nails. Sadly I don't have a watch to go with it :D

I used Sally Hansen Shore-ly! as my base which is a warm toned nude, then I painted on the wood pattern with acrylic paint. In these photos there are no topcoat over my nails.

Of course a "simple" wooden pattern wasn't enough :D I wanted to make it even more autumnal, so I added pine branches, cones and red berries. But now it looks a bit Christmas-y :D Oh well, I like it anyways. As I said, everything was painted with that BPS brush, even the tiny black outlines of the berries. If you want to see more designs that I made with this brush, scroll down to the end of this post, I selected 4 nail art which was made only with this nail art brush.


  1. Great mani - looks like a useful tool :-)

  2. I love how you decorated those wood nails with pinecones and berries! Just today I ordered one of these more expensive BPS brushes and can't wait to see how it works :) Also the rest of the manis look simply fabulous!