Saturday, November 28, 2015

Born Pretty Store | Transparent Peel-off basecoat review

Today I'm going to review a peel-off basecoat from Born Pretty Store. I'm using it almost every day for over 6 weeks now, so it had plenty of time to show it's benefits and downsides.
A peel-off base is a must for me, I have really dry hands and this cold and windy fall/winter weather is also not that great for my skin. I try to avoid acetone as much as possible, so a peel-off basecoat comes really handy for me, not to mention that it's also really useful under glitter polishes.
I don't really have too big experiences with peel-off bases, I tried only one beside this, from a brand called Miss Sporty (it's a drugsore brand, it's like NYC - New York Color) and it's a glue based peel-off base, therefore it took forever to dry (7-9 min), sometimes it dried bumpy and the removal wasn't perfect either. I always wanted to try out the UNT basecoat (btw. Simplynailogical Cristine did a great comparison video about peel-off basecoats, watch it HERE) , but I never ordered it. So when I saw a clear peel-off base on Born Pretty Store I knew I had to try it.

The bottle looks really tiny, but it consists 7ml basecoat. The brush is flat and although it's really short it was easy to use. The basecoat itself is clear (maybe a tiny bit opalesque), it's nicely liquidy (just like a regulat clear basecoat) and it spreads perfectly on the nail. Seriously, it was just like a simple transparent basecoat. First, I used 2 coats of it, but then I figured out that 1 coat is plenty enough. One coat took under 2 minutes to dry, I was amazed by that (especially after I was used to the 7-9 minutes drying time). During that 6 weeks, I tried out under all types of nail polishes (glitters, cremes, flakies, holos, multicromes, metallics) and it worked well with all of them. Mostly I could peel it off in one piece (of course this depends on a lot of things. I use peel-off for everything - swatching and nail art - but I only wear a manicure for a short time 1-2 days, so I couldn't test the final durability of the peel-off). Sometimes it comes off in 3-5 pieces, but this doesn't really bothers me.
BUT! You have to use a cuticle oil before you use these clear type of peel-offs because the first time I used it I didn't oiled my nails, and it was impossible to peel the base off! But you have to use only a tiny bit of oil, massage it onto your nails, because if you use too much the basecoat can bump up later! (btw. I learned this technique from the queen of everything peel-off: Simplynailogical Cristine)

It's the easiest to peel off after a shower, use an orange stick and loose up the edges first, this way it will most possibly come off in one piece. But be careful when you wash your hair, because you can easily loose your manicure whether you want it or not :( Sadly this applies for every peel-off basecoat in the market. This is something that we have to compromise.

So as you can tell from the pictures above this Born Pretty Store peel-off basecoat does a really good job, I already bought a second bottle, because it's way better than my glue based drugstore one that I used before.

If you wan't to try it for yourself, you can purchase it HERE, don't forget to use my 10% off code: CSBQ10

What do you think?
Are you using a peel-off basecoat?


  1. it looks really interesting! I also used only this white glue-based one but from essence. but I think this one is worth to try :)

  2. Sounds good. I've got a few peel off base coats, but never got around to using them! At least it dried quickly as well! :-)