Friday, October 30, 2015

Bundle Monster | Work It! stamping plates

I have 5 stamping pates to show you today, they all from Bundle Monster and they all related to sports. I did 1-1 nail art for each, and they might seems too much as a manicure, but I tried to use as many patterns as I could, so you can see the potencial of each plates. I'm not a big sport fan btw., but I love dancing, so the first plate is really calls my name!

BM-XL176 | Bust a Move
This plate is perfect for all the dance lovers out there! I especially love the dancing siluettes, although my nails are a bit short for them right now. You can double stamp with the patterns, just like I did on my middle finger.

BM-XL177 | Tutus and Plies
This plate is my fave from the 5, although I have nothing to do with ballet, I just think that the patterns are really pretty and you can make many designs with them. Again, my nail art is too much, overwhelming, and too pink :D But I wanted to use a lot of patterns, so you can see how they look on the nail. 

BM-XL178 | Camping Adventures
This plate has only small patterns on it, related to nature, hiking and camping. I tried to use the patterns creatively, but I feel it turned out to be a big nail fail :D :S

BM-XL179 | Cheer-o-cracy
There's not much cheerleading in Hungary, but I know that it has a big tradition in the US, so this plate is perfect for all the cheerleaders out there. But because of the letters and numbers this plate can be great for everyone!

BM-XL180 | Got Golf?
I never tried golf before, and to be honest I'm not really interested to try it ever :D but with this plate I had a little bit of golf experience :D I used mostly green in my manicure, because somehow I associate golf with green :D

These - as all Bundle Monster plates - have a great quality, they were super easy to use. You can buy these 5 and many more sport related (yoga, tennis, football, etc.) plates HERE individually for $4.99 each, or you can buy them as a set, this 5 piece set is called Great Outdoors and you can find it HERE, for $19.99.

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