Thursday, October 29, 2015

Themed Thursday | October

I tried out a new challenge this month called Themed Thursday. Two of my fave nail girls started it, @thenailpolishchallenge and @wondrouslypolished. The main theme was Halloween, so that's why I choosed this challenge instead of my regular WNAC.
If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably have seen all of these nail arts (well, except the last one, because I will share that later today), but I thought I will do a summary blogpost about this anyways. Now let's see what nail arts I came up with!

Pumpkin/ Jack-o-lantern
I was one week late with this design, because I was too tired of the 30 day challenge :D I only did an accent nail, the rest of my nails are painted with CrowsToes Jotunheim. My accent Jack-o-lantern is all freehand with acrylic paint. I was inspired by a pic on shutterstock, but I was stupid enough not to save it, and now I can't find it.

Graveyard/ hounted house
I choosed graveyard as a theme. I sponged on my orange-burgundy gradient background - except my ring finger, I did the gradient with acrylic paint and a nail art brush on that finger. After my base dried I painted on the patterns with black, then I gave them a little bit of depth by highlighting with some orange acrylic paint. 

Zombies are monsters too, right? :D This might be a little far-fetched, but I REALLY wanted to paint a zombie nail art :D So, my base was a colourful holo glitter polish called Crazy Limbo from Urban Nail Art, and I think it complements the pattern really well. I was inspired by THISTHISTHIS and THIS pictures. Everything is freehand with acrylic paint.

Blood + gore
I wanted to do a 3D, special effect "manicure" first, but I came to the conclusion that it might will be a little bit boring, since everyone is doing that kind of stuff lately, so I grabbed my trusty nail art brush and acrylic paints again. I tried to paint those wounds, brain and eyeball as realistic as possible, and I know, those wounds are way too clean :D 

Trick or Treat
This one is probably my fave from this challenge. It's not too scary and disgusting, but it's still 100% Halloween. I used 1 coat of KBShimmer Dressed To Gild over China Glaze Midtown Magic as my base (by the way this combo is awesome on it's own too!). I painted on some harmless candies...and some eyeballs, worms and fingers :D

Which one is your favorite?


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