Monday, October 12, 2015

Tribal for fall!

I like to make tribal nail art in the fall too, not just in the summer. It can look awesome with the autumn colour palette. I got these water decals from Born Pretty Store to review and I fell in love with them in the minute I saw them.

Keep that in mind that these have a white base colour, so it's not only the black pattern on a transparent base! It's a bit harder to style them with a white base, but I think this nail art turned out nicely! You can put these on your full nail lenght or you can cut pieces out of it, just like I did today.
I used a berry colour and a metallic bronze to pair with the greyish brown base, the lines are freehanded! I used a BPS brush for the lineing, but I will post a separate blogpost about that later!

These water decals was really easy to use. Just like any water decals, you have to remove the protective transparent plastic first, then put the decal in water for about 20 sec. After that you can remove the pattern from the paper and you can put it onto your nails. Use a tissue paper to soak up any excess water. After that you can decorate it if you want, but make sure to seal it with topcoat in the end! 

If you like this water decal, you can buy it HERE, use my 10% off coupon code: CSBQ10
The shipping is free!
Make sure to check out the nail art section for more nice products!

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