Saturday, October 24, 2015

Morgan Taylor | Under the Stars, Best Dressed, Rhythm and Blues, J'adore My Mani

I have these nail polishes since May, and finally I had the chance to swach them. I swatched Morgan Taylor polishes before (if you missed them, you can read my reviews HERE), and these 4 beauties are just the same amazing quality that I'm used to when I paint my nails with a MT.
3 out of the 4 was purchased by me, but I recieved one of them (J'Adore My Mani) for swatching from the hungarian distributor.
All of them has an amazing quality: 2 coater, quick dry, and easy to apply.

Under the Stars | 2 coats + topcoat
This one is probably my fave from all of the MT that I own, even though it's a really simple "recipe": dark navy jelly with silver holo glitters in different sizes. The photos don't do justice for the amazing holo party that is on my nails whenever I wear this nail polish, it's sooo gorgeous!

Best Dressed | 2 coats + topcoat
This one is a foil (metallic) finish with a duochrome effect: it shifts from orange through red to pink. Although it looks absolutely stunning, on my long(ish) nails it appears to be a little bit too festive, Christmas-y, so I think this one is more like a night time nail polish.

Rhythm and Blues | 2 coats + topcoat
Awww I love this one! It's a blue foil effect polish, I love how icy it can be sometimes. I know that this polish is more like a winter colour/finish, but I could wear it any time of the year, and I will!

J'Adore My Mani | 2 coats + topcoat
Pink jelly base with pink square glitters. Well, I'm not a big fan of pinks, and I don't even know why I choosed this colour to be in my review package...I guess I thought it will be a little bit duochrome or something... well, it has a really nice quality, but it's not my colour.


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