Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cozy Blanket

I did these nails a couple of days ago, and I'm totally loving them. I like to do plaid nails in the fall, they just feel appropriate :D I saw @kgrdnr Kristin's plaid nails a couple of weeks ago, and since then I wanted to do something similar. I especially fell in love with the colours.
So I grabbed a few shades from Colors by Llarowe Fall 2015 collection (Last Harves, Lake of the Pines, Mocha Grande, Wine & Roses) because they were just perfect for this design.

I started off with Last Harvest, I used 2 coats. After it dried I used straight nail vinyls, then I used Lake of the Pines (I wasn't sure that Last Harvest have the colour power to overcome Lake of the Pines, so that's why I starter with LH). The rest of the nail art is freehand, I don't have the patience to nail vinyl everything :D So, Mocha Grande then Wine & Roses, and then some gold thread marks (I used Mundo de Unas Gold stamping polish, because it dries a lot slower than China Glaze Passion, so I can paint those little lines a lot smoother with my nail art brush).

I love this design soooo much. It's sooo rich and deep, and because of the holo it's kinda looks like a fluffy, cozy blanket :D

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  1. This design makes my Sunday even cozier. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming nail art! :)