Wednesday, October 07, 2015

ILNP | Mountain View, Spiced Eggnog, Maiden Lane, Clockwork

ILNP is one of my favorite nail polish brands, they make amazing quality and unique polishes, but keeping them easy to wear. I'm always so excited about the new collections, and I was just beyond amazed by this year's fall collection. It was really hard to choose these 4 colours, because I also really like Glory, First Class and PLL, but there is also Dream Girl and....awww I wan't them all :D
So, when I received my pre-order from Nailland I started swatching right away, and also some nail art was happening too (but those will come in a separate post). Sorry guys, this post is photo heavy! #sorrynotsorry :)

Mountain View | 3 coats + topcoat
A dark-dark forest green jelly with holo flakes and bronze metallic flakies. It has so much depth in it, it's crazy! It has a really nice - let's say - sophisticated holo effect, I like that this one is not too much "in your face" :D

Spiced Eggnog | 2 coats + topcoat
I think this colour/finish is something that you either love or hate. Well, I fell in love with it the first time I laid eyes on it :D It's such a unique piece, and it totally looks like a yummy dessert :D The base is a vanilla colour with the tiniest amount of green tone, and it has holo flakes, and also gold and orange flakies which make the perfect seasoning to the base colour :)

Maiden Lane | 3 coats + topcoat
Now this one is "in your face" holo, but that's what I most love about it. It's crazy holographic!
The colour is a charcoal grey, but sadly it definitely needs 3 coats (but hey, I could paint my nails all day long with this beauty :D). 

Clockwork | 2 coats + topcoat
I'm a big fan of this holo-metallic finish that ILNP does lately, I think it looks really cool! Clockwork is a bronze colour, but on my skintone it's more like a champagne tone, it's not too rich, browny-bronze if you know what I mean. It's really sophisticated and elegant, and I can already see the awesome nail arts that I will paint over this!

What's your favorite from the ILNP Fall 2015 collection?
Let me know your thoughts of these four, do you like them?


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