Thursday, September 10, 2015

31DC2015 | Metalic, rainbow, gradient

Are you ready for another set of 31DC? I hope you are, because I'm gonna show you my metalic, rainbow and gradient nails today. Btw. I will post these round-ups every monday and thursday, so now you know the schedule.

Day8: metalic
I was inspired by the steampunk style. I used 2 nail polishes (and black acrylic paint) for this: China Glaze Passion (gold) and Moyra Metal Effect 301 (bronze). I did some sponging too, but mainly I just painted everything on, which was quite hard, because these polishes dries super quickly, so my lines are not that crisp clean that I would like them to be, but oh well...

Day9: rainbow
I saw THIS pic on, and I know that I have to paint it on my nails. So if you've ever wondered how rainbows are made...I have a tip for you :D

Day10: gradient
I wanted to use darker, fall colours, because I was craving them badly. So I grabbed my CbL fall collection and I ended up sponging on Lake of the Pines and Aubergine Dreams. I added some framing with Rare Orchid (and black acrylic paint).


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