Tuesday, September 29, 2015

piCture pOlish | Mad Magenta & Unicorn

I have these two PP's quite a while now, but I didn't had the time to swatch them. You may already have seen them in a nail art, because I used them (and Watermelon) in my PP Nail Art Quarterly mani. Now let's see how they look like on my nails.

I'm not a big fan of pinks, but Mad Magenta really got me. I like how it looks on my nails, I think it matches to my skintone really well. When I ordered it I was really unsure about the colour, because you can see many different swatches. And it's indeed really hard to photograph. I would say that it's a cool toned, vivid, but rich orchid/magenta colour. If I put it against my pink nail polishes it looks more purple, but if I'm placing it next to my purples it looks pink :D So yeah, it can trick your eyes too as well your camera.
It's a really unique colour, and I think it worth the money, because it has an amazing quality (as every PP). This is 2 easy coats with topcoat. It glides on your nails like nothing else, I love it!

Unicorn... I knew the minute it came out, that one day it will be mine. Brit Nails described it as a turquoise, but I think it's more of a mint colour, because it has definitely more green than blue in it. Mint is my power colour, and with those amazing tiny matte magenta glitters it really stands out in my collection. It also contains silver glitters and tiny holo flecks that can have a pink or gold tone to them. It's a really complex and well put together nail polish.
I used 2 thicker coats, but if you like using thin coats, you definitely will need 3 of them. Becasue of the glitters you also gonna need 1-2 coats of topcoat if you want a smooth surface.

You can buy them at piCture pOlish, or Nailland or the other stockists.


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