Friday, September 18, 2015

31DC2015 | Delicate print, geometric, glitter

Damast on gold, wolf howling at the moon and T-rex saying ROAR :)
Btw. I totally forgot to post this yesterday :/

Day15: delicate print
Damast patterns were always delicate to  me, they are so complicated and petite, I could never paint a perfect one. This one is also not that complicated as the one I was sketching on a paper before, I left out a bunch of little lines, because I was unable to paint them :D I find really difficult to paint these kinds of curved patterns. Nonetheless I love how it turned out, it looks quite baroque on that gold base.

Day16: geometric
This theme was once called tribal, but last year it was renamed geometric. I quite liked that change, because the theme is a lot wider now, so I could paint this nail art :D I saw THIS pic a couple of weeks ago, I saved it, and now I used it. Included a full moon with clouds, and a pair of landscape, and ta-da! The wolf head was really hard to paint, and it doesn't look so wolf-y as in the original picture, but I guess it's still looks like a wolf (after some thinking :D).

Day17: glitter
I knew from the beginning that I want to make a glitter placement. My colour choices were limited, I don't have that many glitters, so I couldn't do anything. I have a good colour selection for flowers, and I almost did another floral pattern, but somehow a T-rex appeared in my mind :D I did this manicure the same way that I did my rose glitter placement, I painted on the patterns with acrylic paint first than I started to placing the glitters on top of that, so this way I didn't had to be too careful with the placement (I could finish the whole nail art in 2 hours). I had to mattify it, so I could photograph it better, otherwise the glitters were too shiny and the pattern was unseeable.
EVERYTHING in this nail art is glitter, even the teeth and the ROAR :)


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