Tuesday, September 22, 2015

31DC2015 | Half moons, galaxies, watermarble, inspired by a color

I'm late with this blogpost...again :/
So, today you can see tribal half moons, alien and spacewalk, my first (kind of) pretty watermarble and my passion about weird greens.

Day 18: half moons
I love these colours together! Fun fact: I had to cut off a little bit of those feathers, because they were too long for my nails :D

Day19: galaxies
I went with an alien theme again, but this time I gave him a spaceship and a friend :D

Day20: watermarble
I HATE watermarbling :D I never do it, unless it's for a challenge, so that means that I only did 4-5 watermarble in my whole life, but all of them was ugly :D This is my first one, that I can call pretty(ish), although it's far from perfect. I did cheat a little bit, because I waited until the nail polish dried in the surface of the water, then I cut it into 2 pieces and (as a decal) I sticked them onto my nails. 

Day21: inspired by a colour
I absolutely love these weird greyish khaki/camo/sage greens, especially in the fall. So I picked out my fave nail polishes from this colour family and I made a simple wavy pattern with them. I also added tiny bronze lines to make it a little bit more interesting. It kinda looks like a modern camo pattern :D I love it!

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  1. All three of them is stunning. The first and the last one are my absolute favorite ones!