Saturday, September 05, 2015

Born Pretty Store BP-75 stamping plate

Today I will show you this bird/feather themed stamping plate from Born Pretty Store.
You can find 4 feather patterns, 2 bird silhouettes and a mysterious chinese dragon pattern (:D) in the plate. The patterns are easy to work with, except the one in the top (seeing in the original BPS pic), I can't managed to put that one in my nails (the little veins in the feathers wasn't show up).
I used Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 111 as a base, and I stamped/reverse stamped with black and gold Mundo stamping polishes.

If you like this plate, you can buy it HERE, use my 10% off code CSBQ10. The shipping is always free! Don't forget to check out the nail art section too!


  1. So cool! I have this stamping plate myself, but I haven't used it yet. Thanks for giving me great inspiration! :)

  2. Love the base polish you used for this fantastic nail art!