Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cadillacquer | Masterpiece

All right everyone, let me say this first: this nail polish is impossible to photograph :D I tried natural daylight, artificial light, flash...but nothing was quite right. I swear somehow this is worse than a neon polish :D So pay attention on my colour description rather than the swatches :/
Ok, so after that little intro, let me start from the beginning. I was eyeing Masterpiece for a long time on Hypnotic Polish, and finally I bought it. I just had to have it because it's the most unusual color combination (and we all know that I'm a sucker for those :D) but most importantly it was inspired by the series Dexter. I watched Dexter from the beginning, and I loved it unconditionally to the end. And this nail polish is actually makes me think of Dexter when I look at it (sorry Glam Polish). So you see, it was inevitable, Masterpiece and I were meant for eachother :D

And now let's discuss the colour. The matte glitters in it are bright red, and the green jelly is what I call grass green, but I guess that means different to everyone. It's a bit warmer in tone as in my swatches, but it's not too yellow-y, it's a really nice medium green, I was searching for swatches before I bought it, and I tought that the green will be cold toned, I couldn't really find a true to colour swatch, so be prepared for that! But I like it anyways, it's a really great match.
The formula is not the best, the glitters sink down in the bottom of the bottle, but that can be solved with some shaking. The jelly base seemed to be too sheer, but actually this is only 2 thick-ish coats, so in the end it wasn't that bad, and you can always go back with the brush if you want to add a bit more colour here and there. The glitter amount is quite nice too, I didn't had to fish for them, so the whole application was quite nice. It didn't stained my nails.

So I quite like this unique gem, I'm really happy that it's a part of my nail polish family.

What do you think about it?

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