Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Avon Gel Finish shades + topcoat

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                       PR sample

I guess everyone heard by now that the Avon gel finish nail polishes were reformulated, new colors were added to the range, and there's a new topcoat as well.
I've chosen 3 shades from the 6 new ones, plus tried out the Gel Finish topcoat, let's see them!

Not a lot of people would choose this "snot green" :D shade, but I'm absolutely in love with it. To me, it's a tiny bit more on the greener side, but there's a ton of yellow in it too, it really depends on the lighting situation. It's not that saturated as I thought seeing the promo pictures.
The formula is indeed really nice, not too runny, not too thick, it glides on nicely. I used 2 normal coats and the Gel Finish topcoat.

And it's another hard to photograph green. It is emerald green, but on the colder side, it has a hint of teal in it, and again, it depends on the light.
This one is a one coater! But of course high pigmentation (and green color) means staining: it stains the nails, and skin as well. I don't really care about my nails, but I have to use a peel off basecoat, so I won't stain my cuticles when I try to remove it with nail polish remover.

It's a really popular shade, and I can totally understand why. It's a gorgeous light-light pastel shade. Almost everyone describes it as a blue, but on me (and in the bottle as well) there's a LOT of purple tones, so in my opinion it's a really pale periwinkle shade.
The formula is nice, and it's an easy 2 coater on short nails. On my longer nails I had to work with it a little, and use thicker coats, but it is 2 coats after all, so whith a light shad like this it's totally awesome!

About the Gel Finish topcoat:
It has an amazing, super glossy finish...but it dries slow. Especially if you're used to quick drying topcoats. I tested a little bit: after 7 minutes it was dry to the touch, but it was still vulnerable, I could easily press my nails in it. After 25-30 minutes it was safe. So yeah, if you have time to wait out that 30 mins then you will have a super glossy topcoat.
Another bad news: it smudges stamping, and sometimes it pulls a little bit of nail polish as well, so I had to apply thick coats to prevent that. So well, I'm not that impressed with this topcoat. I will use it up for swatching and swatch sticks, but that's all, I can't use it as an actual topcoat, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Now, I have some nail art that I created with Citronized, Emerald City and Rain Washed. A really easy one, but I though that this 3 color looks soooo amazing together! On the green I used tiny strokes of copper acrylic paint as well.


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