Saturday, June 25, 2016

ILNP | 4 shades from the new Summer collections

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                       PR sample

I was so excited for the new ILNP Summer collections! The brand never disapoints me, the Summer line is absolutely gorgeous. You can pre-order the shades at Nailland too (June 24th - June 27th). They offered me 4 shades that I was able to choose, so this is what today's post is all about. Nailland has a 10% discount along with the pre-order, so that's super awesome. I pre-ordered 4 other shades yesterday, plus My Private Rainbow (X), which is never on stock when I want to buy it, but since you can pre-order older shades too, now I'm saved :D
Let's get into the swatches, but I just quickly note, that I don't use any kinds of basecolors under these shades. My swatches show the actual coverage of the polishes.

MANOR HOUSE - Summer 2016
It's a greige jelly with a hint of taupe and with those mesmerizing ultra holo flakies <3
I love this finish, it's my favorite form of holographic!
I must say, the first coat was rather sad, the jelly base showed up barely, but somehow I could manage to build up the color with 3 thick coats, that's what you can see on the pictures. I have long nails, with long nail lines, so that's always a problem with jellies, but if you have shorter nails 3 normal coats shoud be enough.

THAT OTHER GIRL - Summer 2016
This polish is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g! I thought that I had enough of rosegold for a while, but nope, I was wrong. It's a pinky jelly base with reflective gold shimmer flakies and ultra holo flakies.
Wow, just Wow!
It has a nice coverage, I used 3 thin coats here. 

WALLFLOWER - Summer Shimmers
It's a cold purple (almost periwinkle) jelly base with aqua to turquoise to blue irredescent shimmer flakies. It's highly on the jellier side, so I had to use 4 coats to achieve full coverage. I don't mind it, because the finish is gorgeous!

RUBY SKY - Summer Shimmers
It's a sheer indigo jelly base with gold to orange to red to pink shimmer flakes. Again, the base is sheer, so I builded up the color in 4 coats. In real life there was barely any visible nail lines, but in the photos you can see them more amplified because of the harsh lights that I used.

I adore all 4 of them, and while I think they look the best on their own, you can totally try some layering with these jellier formulas to create something magical.

As I sad before, you can pre-order the ILNP Summer collections on Nailland with a 10% discount, pre-order ends on June 27th!

What do you think of these shades? Will you pre-order some of the colors?

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