Friday, June 03, 2016

Contrary Polish | Spring In On

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                      PR sample

Today I will show you the Spring It On collection by Contrary Polish, a brand that I've never tried before. The polishes were sent for me to review by Color4Nails, where you can grab all these 6 Contrary shades, and more!
The Spring It On collection consists of 5 cremes and a holo topcoat. And OMG those cremes are simply perfect! So rich, so creamy, they all perfect in 2 coats. I was extremely satisfied with their formula, which feels a lot like piCture pOlish cremes: not too thick, not too thin, but they dry quite quickly, so you have to be careful with the second coat, don't overwork it, don't use too many brush strokes, or you can end up pulling the polish as it starts to dry.

I must mention that all 5 cremes are dusty, greyed out colors, so these are not bright pastels! I really love these dusty tones, they are really neutral and calming, also perfect for nail art base.

SPROUT | 2 coats + topcoat
It's a dusty mint color, and it's more on the greener side.

SHOWER | 2 coats + topcoat
It's a nice dusty aqua shade, or we can even call it turquoise.  

BREEZE | 2 coats + topcoat
Dusty periwinkle blue creme.

FRESH | 2 coats + topcoat
Dusty cold purple, or darker lavender creme.

BLOOM | 2 coats + topcoat
It's a warmer, almost mauve purple.

I like the name so much :D
It's a scattered holo topcoat with tiny holo particles and golden-pink tiny shimmers. It's more on the thinner, liquidy side, and it's also more sparse, but this way it's a perfect topcoat, it doesn't overwhelm the polish underneath. It's sophisticated and elegant, I really like it.

The creme shades are perfect for watermarble, only if I knew how to watermarble :D I never could achieve a pretty pattern in the cup, and I was even more terrible to place the pattern onto my nails, but with these cremes I could create PERFECT (and I'm not exaggerate) pattern in the cup...well, the nail dipping part is still something that I have to practice (a LOT :D), but if you can watermarble, then you will enjoy these polishes for that purpose too!
My little proof is that 1 finger above, but I'm so damn proud of it :D I used all 5 cremes and Dewy as a topcoat.

And here you can see 1 coat of Dewy over black. I really enjoy it over darker shades, the holo is really intense that way!

So, as I said at the beginning of this post, you can grab this collection and other Contrary shades at, direct link is HERE!

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