Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Masura | magnetic nail polishes from Dopenails.ru

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                       PR sample

I have 4 gorgeous Masura magnetics from the russian webshop Dopenails.ru. They ship internationally. The webshop is in russian, but you can click on the 'ENGLISH' button in the menu, and that way you can read about the shipping, and there will be the brand sidebar on the left. They carry Masura, Ginger Polish, Femme Fatale, Il Était Un Vernis and so on...
Before we see the swatches of these 4 polishes I want to talk a little bit how I apply magnetic polishes. You can apply black or white basecoat under these, but I don't do that, because I simply use 2 coats of the magnetics. I magnetize each coat with the Masura cat eye magnet. Also, Masura recommends to use different kinds of brush strokes, but I skip that step too, I just apply them as regular polishes. I do recommend to use generous coats to avoid streaking. And a thick coat of glossy topcoat will enhance the depth even more.

Btw. I'm going to upload "polish in the move" videos about these on Instagram today, so keep an eye out for those too, because pictures don't do them justice! Edit: Videos are linked here too!

It's a gorgeous deep purple

Click here for the video!

It's an olive green, but it's more on the greener side, not the yellow. It has additional holo flakes to make the polish even more interesting

Click here for the video! 

I don't really know how to describe this :D It's not completely grey, it has taupe or mauve tones in it sometimes. Also, this has gold and blue shimmer which you can't see that much on my pictures, but you will see it better on my Insta video once I uploaded it.

Click here for the video! 

It's a gorgeous warm terracotta/burnt red with a hint of brown. It reminds me of natural henna.

Click here for the video!

So, aren't they stunning?! I became a huge fan of magnetics, they are just so interesting and they're kinda magical! Every thime when I use my magnet on them I feel like I just conjured :D

These and many other colors are available on Dopenails, they also have non magnetics Masura polishes too, so it's definitely worth a look!


  1. OMGosh...I've wanted some of these the first time I saw swatches and after seeing them in motion I now have to get them. Beautiful polishes gorgeous swatches thanks for inserting the videos!

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I've never been attracted to magnetics before but these... these have changed my mind! You have done a beautiful job with them.

  3. The Kashmiri Chili is running chills down my spine. Thank you.Sue the_12_chairs on Instagram following you