Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bundle Monster | Beneath It All thermal gel polishes

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 Today I have 3 thermal gel polishes to show you, from!
I love thermals, they are just the most fun things to wear on our nails! And these gel polishes also contain silver glitters, which make the thermal effect even more spectacular!

The glitters make the formula a bit thicker, so I advise to use really thin coats to avoid to get the finish textured. I used 2 really thin coats of each, 1 coat cured under 1 minutes.

It's a deep chocolate brown in it's cold state, and it's a pink-orange-salmon color when it's warm. I'm not the biggest fan of this color combination, but that's just a personal preferance

Now this is my favorite! It's a darker purple when it's cold, and it's bright medium blue when it's warm. GORGEOUS! 

It's medium pink when it's cold, and it's white when it's warm. As you can see it's totally opaque in the pink state, but the white color is quite milky, and you can see my stained nails peeking through. When I applied it, the gel was cold, and my fingers are quite cold as well, so I thought it's going to be good in 2 coats, but I would suggest 3 thin-thin coats if you have stained nails. 

You can buy these gel polishes as a set or individually HERE.
Bundle Monster has gel base and topcoats (glossy and matte) too, so with those you can complete the 3 step application process. These gel polishes are soak off gels, so after you lightly filed the surface of the gel, you can soak it off with acetone.
You can find the base and glossy topcoat HERE.
 There's a 3 piece set containing the base coat, the glossy and the matte topcoat HERE.
And the matte topcoat can be purchased on it's own as well, HERE.

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