Sunday, June 26, 2016

Delush Polish | Nautical by Nature

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                                      PR sample

I have swatches of the newest Delush Polish collection called Nautical by Nature. The collection consists of 7 bright/neon shades and they all have some kinds of shimmer flakies in them.

It's a darker purple creme with red-orange flakies. The formula is simply amazing, it's creamy and easy to use. I ended up with 2 easy coats. It dries matte, so I added a glossy topcoat. 

It's a magenta base with a soft scattered holo effect and lots of blue shimmer flakes. Has an amazing formula, I used 2 normal coats. It dries matte, so I added a glossy topcoat. 

It's a neon pink base with golden irredescent shimmer flakes. It was quite hard to photograph it, because it's so neon :D Nice formula, I used 1 normal and 1 thick coat. It dries matte, so I added a glossy topcoat. 

It's a cobalt blue base with soft-medium linear holo and blue shimmer flakes. I had zero problems with it, has a nice formula, I used 3 thin coats plus topcoat. 

It's an orange leaning neon coral with gold shimmer flakies. It's a bit prone to streaking if you overwork it, but if you finish it with a thicker coat than there will be no problem. I used 1 normal and 1 thick coat here. It dries matte, so I added a glossy topcoat. 

It's a blindig neon lime with gold shimmer flakies. It made my camera crazy, so I couldn't really capture the shimmer on my nails, but you can see them well on the bottle macro above.
I had some trouble with the formula though. Maybe I just got a bad bottle (because the other swatchers had no problem with this), but for me it was quite streaky, I had to use 4 coats. Also, it has tiny unblended pigment balls in it, which made some mess when they got into the brush an then into my nails. The other neon shades (Beach, Please!; Love It When You Call Me Big Papaya; Endless Stunner) also had these unblended pigment balls, but they were the exact same color as the base, so I couldn't see them if they got into my nails, but with this lime color the pigment balls had medium green color which is totally different from the lime base. You can work the green blotches in with the brush eventually, but yeah...I don't know. As I said I might got a wrong bottle, because non of the other swatchers mentioned this thing.
It dries matte, so I added a glossy topcoat. 

It's a jade crelly base with gold shimmer flakes. It's a stunning color and those gold shimmers really stand out! It's prone to streaking, so I ended up with 3 thicker coats + topcoat. 

So, all of these stunning summer shades are available at Delush Polish website, and they are $9.75 each. You can buy them as a set for $63.
Delush Polish shipps internationally, but they also have some stockists, HERE is the list.

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  1. Such a stunning and glowing collection :)

    Love, Lotte