Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                              Nothing to disclose!

 In yesterday's post I mentioned that I painted a nail art over You Know Nothing, Jon Snow. Well, this is that nail art. I've never painted nail sized portrait before, and I didn't had high hopes for this, but I finally went for it and tried it out. I know, it's nowhere near perfect, and it looks much more like Legolas (LOL :D) than Rose Leslie, who playes Ygritte in the GoT series, but you know what...I'm still proud of it!
I shared a sneak peak on Instagram (picture below). I was at a point where I could easily ruin the whole thing with the mouth and nose, so I quickly made a photo just in case :D

As you can see I painted her as a decal, on my Lotus Mat. I had to mark my nails on the mat, so Ygritte's head will fil perfectly. I thought about painting Jon too, but Ygritte herself was a big bite, so maybe another time. I did painted on the well known truth about Jon, that he knows nothing...
Even though that this first portrait of mine was in some way a fail, I am going to try painting these kinds of stuff more in the future. It was a really big challenge, and I had such a great time painting it.

My base is called You Know Nothing, Jon Snow by Illyrian Polish, everything else was done with acrylic paint and that one detailing brush you can see the pic above (it's a cheap ebay one, it has white wooden handle and 3 comes in a set for a dollar or so, I trimmed it down though).


  1. Wow, that's a really gorgeous color! Love Ygritte too :)

  2. Fabulous rendering!
    So... I'm old and, assuming this came from a movie, I haven't seen it, but is that a typo ("NOTING")? Doesn't even matter, but the OCD living in my skull couldn't just leave it be. lol