Thursday, February 11, 2016

Powder Perfect | Vault of Heaven

MAGYAR verzió                                                                                                                             Nothing to disclose!

 I'm going to show you my very first Powder Perfect nail polish. I was lucky enough to buy this (and 6 others - haul pic HERE) a couple of weeks ago from Harlow & Co., but it's OOS right now. I don't know in which collection thic polish belongs to, the only thing I could figure out, that it's limited edition.
Vault of Heaven has an indigo base with strong purple tones. It has scattered holo effect, and it also has a lot of UCC flakies in all the colors imaginable. The holo effect is not that strong, I think the dark base makes it blunt a little bit. I'm not that mad about this, because the reason that I bought it was THEM FLAKIES 💙💙💙

The formula is pretty good, 2 normal coats + topcoat. It dries fairly quick, it spreads easily on the nails, so I was really happy with it. So now I really want to look around and grab a few more Powder Perfect polishes :)
Btw. you can find the stockist list HERE!


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